Happy Earth Day, earthlings!
I am ALL for all the messages
reminding us to use less and do more 
to heal and take care of this gorgeous spinning planet.
But I’d like to add one more little reminder to the mix:
could we each use this day to notice and celebrate
how much stunning, miraculous beauty surrounds us?
Life is so fast-paced, it’s easy to miss
a sweet bird’s morning song,
popping buds on springtime branches,
puffy clouds against a bright blue sky.
I was at a meeting the other night, working in a small group,
when one of the women put down her pen and scooted her chair over to the window.
“I just have to see the sunset for a minute,” she explained.
One by one, each person gravitated towards the window
and we all watched in awe as that big ball of fire slowly tucked itself into bed.
Now that’s my kinda meeting!
So, what will you see, celebrate and call attention to today?
I think if we have a planet full of people choosing to see beauty,
we’ll have a planet full of people wanting to save it.