We had a little mystery causing stress at our home over the weekend: the case of the missing baseball glove! Thankfully, we know a group of really great angel detectives. 
On Saturday afternoon, our eight-year-old came in after playing catch in the front yard. He hung out for a while inside, then announced he was going back out to catch more pop-ups. But Ryder couldn’t find his glove. For the next few hours, we all took turns looking – all over the house, in the front yard, in the garage. Nothing. He started to freak out, worried he wouldn’t have a glove by tonight, for his first practice of the season.
On Sunday morning, he woke up early, still thinking about his glove. Then he woke me up, wanting me to think about it. He whispered, “Mom, will you please ask your angels where my baseball glove is?” “Ask yours,” I mumbled, half-asleep. His response? “I can’t hear them! I need you to do it!” 
I realize this kind of exchange probably sounds totally crazypants to some of you. But I’ve written here before about how much I believe in and talk to angels…and, naturally, that carries over into my family life. I trust there are angels all around us, ready and willing to help – and no task is too silly or small for them. I suspect the big guy upstairs has slightly more important problems to address than a lost baseball glove. But time and time again, we’re totally amazed by what transpires when we ask for a little angelic assistance with everyday issues like this.
Over time, I’ve learned it’s nearly impossible to hear or feel guidance when your stomach is in knots and your mind’s on overdrive, so of course my kid couldn’t hear his angels yesterday. He was thinking so hard about it, he couldn’t feel the magic of divine intervention. So, I agreed to try before rolling out of bed. 
Now, let me just say that whenever I do this, I feel a little insane…concerned that I’m just imagining things, worried I’ll steer us in the completely wrong direction. So, in between deep breaths, I usually give myself a little pep talk: “Be still. Have faith. Listen closely. You can do this. They can do this.” 
Within a minute, I saw a very clear picture in my head of Ryder flinging his baseball glove across the yard, not watching where it went. And then I heard the words, “it’s under a bush.” Finally, I received a mental image of the bushes along the side of our garage. That seemed odd, since I couldn’t imagine our kid would throw his glove all the way over there. Plus, Ryder kept insisting that he had brought the glove inside and that it was surely hiding somewhere inside our house. 
Well, well, well. Would anyone like to guess where my hubby found the missing glove yesterday? Yep. In the bushes. By the side of the garage. I admit it: I did a few fist pumps. And if I’d ever learned how to do cartwheels, I would have done one of those, too. Not only was I thrilled that the glove was found…but also that I’d heard the message accurately and the angels had pulled through for us once again. It never gets old.
I share these kinds of stories because a) they’re too fun not to! and b) I want folks to know anyone & everyone can do this. Including YOU. I truly believe there’s an unlimited number of angelic beings out there in the universe, just waiting to be called upon, just waiting to make someone’s day, just waiting to perform mini miracles. And life is so much more fun when there’s magic in the air!