Call me crazy, but I think we should all become a little more self-centered. Not more arrogant, aloof or cocky  ~ all the ugly things that trait is typically associated with. 
Instead, let’s be self-centered in the best ways possible: unafraid to shine from the inside out, calm and centered because we’re at peace with who we really are, all wrapped up in pursuing our passions and living our purpose.
I think when we serve ourselves first, we are much better equipped to serve others, too. When we make joy a constant in our lives, it becomes wonderfully contagious.
To be “self-centered” typically carries such a stigma, but we can choose to see it and be it in another way. Personally, I think it’s no accident {and really kind of awesome} that the word stigma also describes the center of a flower in bloom. Just look at how it unfolds to reveal beauty and pollinate the world. I say we follow suit.