During a seminar with fellow entrepreneurs this week, a woman sitting near me had what Oprah calls an “aha moment.” While working through an exercise on how her business has evolved, this woman suddenly recalled a spring day several years ago when she was on a walk. She had stopped in her tracks when a bird – singing from a tree branch above her – seemed to speak to her. Through the beautiful birdsong wafting through the trees, she felt a very specific message about her future wash over her, loud and clear and comforting. It was a prediction about her dear pets and her future work with animals. She didn’t understand it at the time, but during our meeting, it finally rang true. She was dumbfounded as she looked at her paper, suddenly remembering the bird’s message and realizing it had been RIGHT ON.  
Another woman in the same session shared how she’d had a huge epiphany about her own business after waking from a dream this past week. She described the dream and,, to me, it sounded nonsensical, like most dreams do. This one had something about babies with soccer balls for heads! Crazy talk? Well, this woman had woken up knowing EXACTLY what it all meant. The message embedded in that dream reached her, stayed with her and has motivated her to move full steam ahead on a new project. And she’s so excited!
Has this happened to you? Have you felt guided by your higher power or your own subconscious in a surprising, pure magic kind of way? I believe the clearest messages sometimes come from the strangest places just so we’ll sit up and pay attention. Then it’s up to us to listen closely and take them to heart
I can tell you exactly where I was standing when I heard the voice in 2006 that told me to take a picture of something beautiful every day for a year. I was in my family room, hunched over our white coffee table. I can’t describe the voice or the feeling, but the message was so clear that I couldn’t shake it from my head or heart. I had to follow the directions and it’s how this blog was born. Thank goodness I listened, right? 
Wishing you oodles of love and sacred signs today!