If a chic boutique full of cute, sassy gals immediately looks like a blast to you,
you’ve just discovered something we don’t have in common.
To me, this looks a little bit…awful. But I went anyway.
The truth? I’m an introvert.
{an INFP for those of you myers-briggs fans}
Yes, I spill my guts out on this blog.
Yes, I spill my guts out on the radio.
Yes, I spill my guts out while standing behind podiums.
But for me, all of those are a breeze 
compared to socializing with a room full of (almost) strangers.
That doesn’t mean I’m a total wall flower at a party.
I’m fully capable of being energetic and social…even fun sometimes!
But I have to psych myself up for an event like this
because hours spent in a loud, high-energy room full of people is draining.
I once read that extroverts get energized by being in social situations. 
Meanwhile, introverts spend energy in order to be social; we have to be alone to recharge.
Extroverts think while they’re speaking; introverts are better off thinking before speaking.
I realize now this is why I often blurt out stuff my brain hasn’t processed…
which can lead to feeling like a giant dork, which further drains my energy.
Cocktails help. So does having a good pal by my side.
All these pics are from the BlogLove Spark & Style party 
hosted by ChrisAnn and Kristin of LoveFeastTable on Saturday night.
It was a great event, bringing together tons of bloggers
for an evening of networking, shopping
and thump-thump-thumping tunes spun by DJ Kane.
I’d heard about past BlogLove events and wanted to go.
So, as soon as tickets were available, I snapped one up.
And then, as the day got closer, I started to panic a little,
not sure I could build up the energy to withstand hours of small talk and high heels.
So, I did what any super-smart introvert does: 
I practically forced my friend Colleen to get a ticket, too
{that’s her looking at iPad photos with a new blogging pal, Noemi}.
Colleen’s actually pretty introverted, too.
But she’s also hysterical. 
I swear we laughed the entire way to the event, 
and laughing with someone I’m totally comfortable with 
is like being struck by a lightning bolt of positive energy.
So I headed into the Houndstooth Boutique a very happy camper.
I did lots of chit-chatting and got to know other bloggers.
We all received sweet swag bags with goodies
{you can see me sporting my new Gussy Sews headband here}.
And, after leaving the party feeling a little fried,
Colleen and I laughed till we cried trying to find our way home.
It was a great evening out, even for an introvert.