{the cutest little all-stars ever}
Something weird is happening.
While driving down the ol’ information superhighway, 
I keep running into me this week. It’s a little embarrassing!
Not sure if it’s the planets aligning or a bunch of confused stars crashing into each other.
Either way, I want to give some shout-outs to the fab folks showing me the love right now.
I hope you’ll hop over to check out their amazing sites and events.
I’m so excited to be featured on Tara’s amazing site for dreamers and doers.
Contributing writer {and all-around awesome} Jess Van Zen interviewed me
for their new series on Creative Biz Success. 
I am head over heels for this new weekly feature at Kind Over Matter. 
Amanda asks seven creative spirits to answer the same question.
I’m in fabulous company this week as one of the Seven Souls Musing.
Love all the responses – and the comments from readers. Fabulous!
I’m part of an Etsy street team called HandmadeMN.
This week, they’re giving away my 5×5 print of
“The Universe is Conspiring in Your Favor.”
Anyone can enter!
Girlfriendology is focusing on the beauty of life and friendships this week.
To my surprise, founder {and buddy} Debba Haupert
wrote a lil’ post about…me!
By the way, if you love celebrating friendships and cultivating new ones, 
be sure to join Girlfriendology’s 15,000+ fans on Facebook!
I have been so touched by all the comments, tweets and emails 
about last week’s post in which I shared a photo of me without make-up.
And I LOVE that it inspired some of you to post your own
bare, beautiful faces on your blogs!
Check out gorgeous Kelly Barton here
and the lovely “Slacker Mom” here.
If you live in Minneapolis, I hope I’ll get to see you on May 6th
at this first-of-its-kind-event, created by Savvy.MN magazine.
I’m speaking on Friday and will have an art booth there.
Grab your tickets at the link above.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 
a couple of quick housekeeping notes:
some of you may be wondering why on earth it’s wednesday 
and there’s no happy heART giveaway here.
never fear – more giveaways from fabulous artists are in the works,
but i’ve decided to make them slightly more spontaneous.
it’s easier for me, more fun for you and change is good.
have you visited my new site,
stop by for the daily deal, 
but also check out the freebie of the week,
feel good blog links & inspiring quotes.
and join the facebook page for extra deals!
thanks, friends!
you are simply amazing. 
a big bright light brought here to shine up the world.
just wanted to make sure you know it.