I adore spring
because all the gorgeous green buds remind me
of the miracle of blooming,
whether you’re a stunning tulip or a spectacular human being. 
We are given so many opportunities to bloom:
when we feel hope rising in our hearts,
when we care about something or someone
so deeply it makes us ache,
when we spring forth from dark places,
when we do what others thought couldn’t be done,
when we gain the courage to honor the continuous flow of life and death.
* * * * *
I didn’t publish this post last night before going to bed,
feeling like there might be something more I’d want to add.
I awoke to the news that my great Uncle George passed away very early this morning.
Whenever I was with Uncle George, 
he made me feel seen and heard and so deeply loved. 
He gave the greatest bear hugs and whenever I had the joy of being with him
he’d look into my eyes, telling me how beautiful or bright or wonderful I was.
He wouldn’t take his gaze off of me until he trusted I’d taken his words to heart. 
I watched him do this with many others in our large extended family.
It was one of his great gifts: 
to fill folks up with so much love 
that we had no choice but to bloom and grow a little.
Godspeed, Uncle George.