It is gray here. and cold. and certainly not very springy. So we went sandal shopping for my little dude. {it’s bound to get sunny and warm sometime…right?}
Tru couldn’t have cared less about the shoes at the shop; he only had eyes for the big, beautiful balloons being handed out to kids at the cash register. My mom and I persuaded him to try on some shoes with the promise of getting his own balloon afterwards. That did the trick. 
He chose an orange balloon and proudly carried it out of the store. Absolutely beaming with delight. He couldn’t take his eyes off of it in the car. At home, he made sure it hovered next to him at lunchtime. He gently hugged it, even kissed it, then giggled as it floated up to the ceiling. He brought it to me at least a dozen times, squealing “look! look!” {which actually sounds like “rook! rook!” ~ doubly adorable}. When his big brother got home from school, he couldn’t keep his hands off the balloon either! Ryder had the best time punching it, talking into it, giving himself static hair. 
Who knew!? That helium-filled piece of latex brought so much joy to our house yesterday; proof that the simplest joys are often the biggest day-brighteners. Gloomy is just a state of mind.