When I see someone taking a photograph, I am overcome with curiosity about what they see through their lens. If there’s something worth taking a picture of, I don’t want to miss it! 
Over the weekend, I noticed three young people on a street corner, all taking photos of an old building. I soooo wanted to learn their story, find out why they were taking pictures together, find out why that building was their photo subject, see beauty through their eyes. But I was in my car and the light turned green. I had to move on. Drat! 
But that moment birthed a new idea: what if I start sharing the stories and subjects of other beauty seekers I stumble upon? I could showcase other artists lost in their craft, laser-focused on a little bit of beauty that has captured their attention. I am seriously SO excited about this! 
And so…without further ado…I introduce you to my first beauty seeker, a very cool dude named Ross. I was leaving a meeting today in Uptown and noticed him taking photos in an alley. I parked in a no-park zone and hopped out of my car, asked him what he was photographing.

“This sweet Schwinn!” 

Indeed, there was a shiny black bike propped up against a weathered, white brick wall. Turns out Ross just graduated from the University of Minnesota in photography and he works across the street at a bike shop. So he was zooming in on details of the bike, hoping to wind up with some cool shots to display in the shop. We compared cameras, he told me about a gallery show he’s part of, he thought it was totally cool to have someone taking pictures of him taking pictures. And I got to find beauty in a bike.