Happy Friday! 
I just feel like sharing a few of my favorite things with you today.
It’s like taking a peek inside my heart to see what makes it go thumpity-thumpity-thump.
Have you ever made a Friday Favorite list? 
It’s an easy way to practice gratitude: celebrate the sweet stuff in your life!
So, I’ll start with my favorite salad in the whole wide world.
Made with organic salmon + mixed greens + cranberries + almonds + love at The Marsh.
I always order it when gathered around a table with my intention circle
Another fave: I love decorating with handmade treasures created by my friends.
and the soap is from Andrea of Sacred Suds.
I love catching little glimpses of past work sessions in my dudio,
like a pretty little butterfly stamp “test” on my big black surface pad.
I know. This one is kinda crazy pants. But I love Fisher-Price Little People.
Loved ’em as a kid when they were basically curvy plastic sticks with heads.
Now, my kids play with a much more adorable, modern version.
Finally on my Friday Favorites: enchanting vintage storybooks.
I love finding them at antique shops, thumbing through the fragile pages,
marveling at the magic and memories held between two tattered covers.
I really believe when you focus on the sweet stuff, the sweet stuff multiplies. 
So, do tell! What’s on your Friday Favorites list today?