It’s National Small Business Week, peeps! A time to celebrate and honor all the brave souls {27 million and counting!} who have built a business from the ground up. I know I’m technically in that group as a creative biz owner, but I stand in awe of folks who open brick-and-mortar offices and shops. I have a special admiration for people who are so passionate about an idea or talent that they’re willing to deal with hassles like rent, insurance, HR, PR and stocking the break room with paper towels. That takes some serious mojo! 
I spent yesterday morning at one of my fave small businesses: Head To Toe Salon in Uptown Minneapolis…
It has a laid-back, funky vintage vibe I love and a group of seriously-talented, super-sweet stylists. They’re a humble bunch; they rarely flaunt their cutting edge reputation {psst! rock stars love ’em!} and you can just tell they’re all friends who love what they do. The very best kind of business!
Head To Toe was started by these gorgeous chicks – Fiona and Rita – who are good friends with my brother. When they opened up shop a few years ago, I was more than happy to flee my fancy-shmancy, super-pricey salon to give these girls a shot. I was hooked right away by the casual setting and awesome talent. Fiona even does my kids’ hair now, too! 
This is the comfy, vintage blue chair that sits under the dryer/heat thingymajig. It has lived many lives, I’m sure, and the ottoman’s stuffing is coming out. And I think that kinda rocks.
I totally trust Fiona with my hair and we decided yesterday to put my locks on the chopping block. When all was said and done, four inches were gone! I feel like a new woman! {If you’re in the Twin Cities area, head on over to Head To Toe; you’ll get 50% off your first haircut or wax. Woot!}
I’d love to know about the small businesses YOU love – wherever you are, whatever they do. A shop? A service? A restaurant? It’s easy to forget how much work and time and passion went into creating them. So, if you love ’em, shout it from the rooftops!