Just in case your local newscasters didn’t cover this last night, I thought you’d want to know about the biggest sports story of the day: the Cardinals beat the Cubs 5-0 in the Glen Lake Machine Pitch 2 championship game. And the crowd goes wild!! The team was led to victory by their stellar coaching staff – including pep talk leader and first base coach Brad Lane (who’s 41 today!) and his prodigy, eight-year-old superstar Ryder Lane.

Upon winning the big game, the team celebrated awkwardly on the field – a spontaneous combustion of relief and elation. Several ran in separate directions, one slid into first base, another collapsed near the pitcher’s mound and Ryder whipped out some break dance moves, declaring their win “epic.” After everyone gave high fives to the opposing team, Coach Lane called the Cardinals over for one last celebratory huddle and then…

…they received a fitting reward for their season of glory: Dairy Queen ice cream treats and cherry slushies. Life doesn’t get any better.