Does your heart ever feel so flippin’ full you worry it might burst if you make any sudden moves? Yeah. I’m feeling that big-time right now. I’ll save the biggest news for last… 
First, little Tru’s been sick with strep and is finally on the mend, but he’s still super snuggly and extra sleepy, which makes this mama’s heart swoon. He just wants me to rock him in his glider and sing lullabies, which I would be happy to do forever. 
Meanwhile, our neighbor Rick threw his annual kegger party yesterday to celebrate the end of school. Don’t worry – it’s a root beer kegger! After the school bus made its last drop off for the year, all the kids and parents in our cul de sac whooped it up. Imagine kids crowding the keg, grabbing ice cream treats from a Good Humor freezer {amazing, right!?}, a spontaneous basketball tourney in the driveway and classic rock blasting from garage speakers. It was the perfect way to usher in summer – and to let the neighborhood kids know we all think they rock. 
Also filling up my heart today is all the goodness sprouting up around my How To Build a Blog You Truly Love e-course. The first week has been totally perfect. The interviews have been so great and it’s so rewarding and exciting to see participants already making huge steps towards embracing their potential and purpose. Such an honor to witness. 
Speaking of blogs I love, I never miss a post by Kelly Rae Roberts. She’s just all-around lovely – quirky, super-talented and all heart. I interviewed her for the e-course and her responses about blogging & business are crazy-good {it’ll run next week}. I found out last night that somehow – HOW?? – I totally missed that she wrote about my e-course on her blog yesterday. Can you hear my heart thumping with gratitude!? Wowza.
Okay – and now the final bit of goodness that nearly knocked me off my feet last night. With just a few days before registration closes for my e-course, I learned last night that SARK wants to jump in and be a contributor. O.M.G.!!! SARK’s been a guest on my radio show in the past and – I’m telling you – she is the bee’s knees, so I’m feeling blown away today. Can’t wait to see what she creates for students!
Oh – and on top of all that, I don’t know if you noticed, but my patio is sprouting hearts. Seems like perfect timing.