That’s soap, people. Lots and lots of soap.

Thought you’d appreciate a little evidence that life’s not always rainbows and daisies here in the land of Choosing Beauty. In fact, movie-worthy mishaps seem to be manifesting like crazy these days. For starters, Ryder’s class field trip to the zoo last week included – unbelievably – a wolf escaping its cage and being shot by zookeepers. I kid you not. Two days later – on the last day of school – the school nurse called to say Ryder had slammed his face into the classroom floor after swinging between desks. Nice way to end second grade.

Meanwhile, Tru’s been wreaking havoc on our house lately. Every time I turn around, something’s missing or a total mess. While I was busy cleaning the boys’ bathroom on Sunday, Tru seemed awfully quiet – never good, right? I discovered him painting our master bathroom using my blush brush and an entire mug of lukewarm coffee. He was so proud of the brown streaks all over the floor, shower and walls! Our own little Jackson Pollock.

In need of a new coffee-free bathroom rug {ahem!}, we headed out to Target. As I opened the minivan’s back door to unload the bags, it felt like I was being rained on. Do yourself a favor here: imagine me…slowly looking up…discovering oodles and oodles of hand soap dripping down the inside of the car door and onto my head. Are you snickering yet? I hope so.

When I looked down, I found that it was also oozing down the back bumper and puddles of soap were forming in the trunk. Yep – the lid on an entire jug of hand soap I’d just bought had somehow come undone on the ride home, allowing the soap to seep all over the back of the minivan. I grabbed the bag, unaware it had somehow broken {how does this happen to a bag while merely sitting in the trunk!?}. Soap gushed out and onto my shoes, onto my pants and all over the garage floor and driveway. Let’s just say I’m lucky I had tons of soap on hand to wash my mouth out.

Seems kinda stupid to clean soap, but I did my best with the minivan and left the puddles in the garage and driveway. Well, last night it rained and guess what we found when we pulled into the driveway? Bubbles!  That’s downright magical to a three-year-old. So, I let Tru dance in the rain…and hop around in the soap, relieved to turn our latest family debacle into some good, clean fun.

singing in the rain…dancing in the soap