I could spend all day looking at houses. Other people’s pretty houses. Pre-kids, Brad and I used to just go for “house drives,” meandering through our favorite neighborhoods, admiring the homes. From tiny 1920s bungalows to classic lake shore mansions, we love reveling in the details: a flower-filled window box, a charming front porch, pretty paint colors, even unique-looking house numbers. 
Understandably, the kiddos think looking at houses is a big fat bore, so it’s been a while since we took one of those leisurely drives. But yesterday I got to snap some pics as we walked through a sweet {and rather swanky} neighborhood on the way to a local art fair. Wanna see some?
This is just a sweetheart of a house! I love the blue accents, the pink flowers on the front stoop, a lovely bay window and the scallops on this not-so-little cottage. And the sizes of the windows on the left side of the house are so unique – I’d love to know the story behind those!
The sprawling  front lawn caught my eye even before I noticed this Cape Cod stunner at the top of the hill. Around back, the house had adorable maroon-colored shutters and blooming flower boxes on each second story window. Can you imagine how much work it would take to keep a house and yard like this in tip-top shape? Who knows – maybe it’s worth it in order to live in a perfectly perfect house.

On this house, I loved the little second story window peeking out above the front porch and the way the roof on the left side of the house has a charming little curve to it. Darling! And good news: this sweet thing is for sale and has just been reduced to $1,295,000. So, you know, we’ll probably get it. ;o)
Have a spectacular week, everyone – no matter where you live!