Do you ever spend so much time online you almost forget who you are? Sheesh. That happened to me yesterday. I was on Twitter and Facebook and bouncing around the blogosphere a lot, in part because of this feature and this guest post. And I started to feel a little woozy. A little off-center. A little unsure of myself. 
Am I the only one who gets this way – or can you relate? Being too focused on comments or tweets or “likes” can mess with my head. I start to compare myself to others, question if what I’ve typed sounds stupid, worry that I’m sharing too much or too little. And I don’t want to spend any energy on that stuff. Nowadays, I recognize it pretty quickly – that sense of being out of alignment with my SELF. And my answer is to back away from the computer for a bit. 

Yesterday, I did two things to get myself back to normal. First, art always saves me from myself. I can quiet the gremlins in my mind by creating. This design is what came out and I turned it into a magnet.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling off-kilter, I’ll look for a little centering wisdom from my stacks of books. I noticed The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra sitting on my coffee table and instinctively grabbed it. I took a second to ask for guidance, hoping the message I needed in that moment would jump out from the random page I turned to. I do this pretty often and am amazed how often I receive just what I need. So, I closed my eyes and flipped through the book with my fingers, stopping on the page that felt just right. I opened my eyes and here is what it said to me:

“Don’t let a day go by without asking who you are. Understanding is a skill, and like all skills it must be coaxed into existence. To understand who you are means returning again and again to the question, Who am I? Each time you return you are allowing a new ingredient to enter your awareness. Every day is filled with the potential for expanding your awareness, and although each new addition may seem tiny, overall the accumulation will be great. It may take thousands of days to know who you are; it takes only one day to quit asking. Don’t let today be that day.”

How’s that for a perfect message?!