A couple of weeks ago, I went to my favorite nursery and stocked up on flowers for our potted urns and a planter beneath our kitchen window. It’s one of my favorite ways to usher in summer and I pick my plants very carefully; I touch them, smell them, put them next to other flowers until I feel I have the right combinations. I watched my mom do this when I was a kid and, now it feeds my soul somehow. 
I got the urns on our front step planted that weekend {aren’t they sweet??}, but I didn’t have time to get to the flowers I’d selected for that kitchen window box. So, I set them on a table on the back patio…and then life got in the way. My beautiful blood-red begonias sat and sat, slowly fading and withering in the sun. 

When I finally got to them this weekend, they were in sorry shape: leaves starting to crumple, petals curling in despair, soil pleading for water. I felt awful. So…I whispered an apology to them. Yes I did. And then, I started saying affirmations out loud to them as I planted them in the window box. I said things like “look how pretty you are!” and “now you can bloom and grow all you want!” I mean, I stand a little taller when someone affirms me, so why wouldn’t a flower?
I thought about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s studies of how the microscopic crystals in water react to different sounds and words. Water exposed to kind words and beautiful music formed gorgeous, complex crystals while the water that was inundated with loud, disruptive sounds and harsh words formed distorted, imperfect crystals. So amazing! With that in mind, I wiped off the little information sticks from the flower pots, turned them around and wrote down affirmations in permanent marker. Here’s hoping my flowers get the message and bloom like crazy.