I’ve been looking forward to celebrating sunshine today for Gussy Sews’ Inspiration Workshop. We’ve had gorgeous weather here lately and I’ve been relishing the rays, so I figured getting pictures related to this week’s inspiration prompt would be easy-breezy. But yesterday, when I grabbed my camera to go snap shots of the sweet sunshine, the clouds came out to play. And they stuck around…bringing rain today.
So, I considered my choices: change my post and write something different…or change my view. I picked the latter and headed inside to see if I could find sunshine in and around my home. I walked around, hoping little pops of yellow would grab my attention. Boy, did they ever! I was surprised and delighted to discover so much super sunny stuff around my house. Check it out!   
pillows on the family room couch
a favorite purse – yellow, brown and turquoise. love!
bam! three yellow toy cars just sitting on the kitchen counter!
my sun-worshipping mary engelbriet calendar
pretty yellow flowers just outside my front door
Hope a big bunch of sunshine finds its way into your heart today!