Everyone, meet Patrick. Isn’t he darling? I met him at Best Buy, where he’s an agent for the Geek Squad. I took my computer there because it’s been wheezing and freezing and hicupping. Patrick pushed some buttons, took it away, then brought it back, then told me he needed to keep my laptop for two to three days. 
And I nearly fainted.
“It’s okay. It will be good for you,” he said. 
“Well, I’m a blogger, ” I told him, feeling all justified and important. “So I really need my computer every day.”
“No, you don’t.” He smiled a mega-watt grin and his eyes danced. “Don’t let that trap you. You need to take a break. It’s good for your soul.” 
Shit. He was speaking my language. Saying stuff I’ve said to others but have forgotten to apply to my own life lately. Turns out Patrick doesn’t touch electronics on Tuesdays or Thursdays, which forces him to live more fully. Last week, he took his mom shopping on one of his off days. They looked at jewelry. They talked. They had a good time. And he never stopped to check his email. 
I’ve taken “breaks” – like my unplanned semi-vacation – but I was still plugged in. I still checked email via my phone, I still sent occasional tweets, I still turned on the TV, I still hopped on the computer at night after everyone was in bed. Just…less.
Honestly, I can’t remember when I last had a day without screen time. It’s probably been years. I couldn’t even bear to tell Patrick this during our impromptu life coaching session. I also didn’t tell him that, after leaving my computer behind, I would go home and use Brad’s computer as a back-up. I have deadlines to honor! I have a business to run! I have a problem, don’t I!?
I am now determined to take a break from clicking keys and glowing screens – sooner than later. I can’t just ignore the profound irony of having a Geek Squad agent tell me to back away from my computer. I must plan my great escape and stay strong. I can do this. I must do this. Patrick said so.