Minnesota is melting. We’re in the middle of a heat wave {today’s estimated heat index is 116 degrees}. I snapped this shot of Ryder today; he was dripping after just 20 minutes of playing ball with the neighbor kids…and he was clearly really upset about it! I went outside to our patio to snap this shot and it was so humid that my camera lens immediately fogged up. I had to keep wiping it with my shirt {because I’m super professional like that}. As I was taking this picture, I remembered taking another close-up of Ryder not all that long ago: 
Yep, even Ryder’s eyelashes had icicles after that snowy, frigid afternoon! Just goes to show the only constant in life is change. Whether you’re in a tough situation that feels like it will last forever…or just dreading another day of sweltering heat, know that change is in the air. Be patient, have faith, and make some lemonade.