I am feeling a big, huge WHOOSH of inspiration this week, thanks in large part to my new baby: a camera I’ve been longing for…for a long time. My family’s grown tired of my sighing and grunting {and occasionally cursing} at the camera that’s been by constant companion for the past two and a half years. It’s a perfectly good camera – a Nikon CoolPixP80 – but it suffered some water damage last summer during a too-humid rendezvous in the north woods. It hasn’t been the same since. And I absolutely adore taking pictures. I actually feel more present, more aware of individual moments when I’m looking through the lens. And, as I mentioned on Monday, I feel like an unseen force works its magic through me on really lucky days.

Once I knew I’d be able to afford upgrading my camera this summer, I jumped at the chance to take Andrea Scher’s new Superhero Photo eCourse. I love her photos, I love her spirit, I love the way she looks at the world. Yes, I could have taken the course using my old camera, but during the first week of class, the whisper in my heart kept getting louder and louder:

“get the camera. get the camera. it’s okay. you deserve the camera. you can now afford the camera. you will be so happy with the camera. you know this deep down. it’s time to get the camera.”

my new baby

And so…this girl got the camera. I compared a couple a couple of models, but when I held this sweetheart ~ the new Nikon D7000 ~ I knew it was meant for me. I bought it, got teary eyed in the car and then let out an audible squeeeeeeal!

Though I haven’t had tons of time to dive into Andrea’s course yet, I have had great fun with one assignment in which she gave us a list of fun objects to photograph, from someone in a cape to a big mess. In essence, she’s challenging us to find beauty in every day {which, you may have noticed, I have a fondness for doing!}. So here are several shots that have come out of that exercise {and they’re all things I couldn’t live without – coffee, art supplies and sunshine!}:

your morning coffee
a riot of color

the sun

It’s been perfect timing with the theme of Gussy Sews’ Inspiration Workshop, given that today’s blogging prompt is…inspiration! I’m definitely feeling it ~ my spirit’s all stirred up, my heart is doing cartwheels, and I’m eager to learn more and do more with my precious camera. I absolutely love this feeling when inspiration sweeps me off my feet. 
So, what’s inspiring you these days?