Yesterday, as I was pushing my big red cart through Target, I walked past a family of four. The mom held up a box and groaned, “Oh no. These Band-Aids suck. These aren’t the ones I wanted!” Apparently, her hubby had put the wrong ones in their cart. Before he could respond, one of the children started begging to be picked up. As he leaned over to lift her, he knocked a bunch of blouses off a display, onto the floor. He shook his head and muttered, “It’s always something.”

Three little words and we all know what they mean; they’re shorthand for “bad things always happen to me, so this is just par for the course.”

We’ve all been there, right? Stuck in those moments {or days or weeks…or decades} when it feels like we’re human negativity magnets. Like nothing can possibly go well. We can’t catch a break, we’re gluttons for punishment, we have the worst luck, we’re practically cursed. Any of that sound familiar?

Well, what if all that grunting and groaning actually does work like a magnet, attracting more of the feelings and situations we focus our energy on most? What if it’s true that thoughts become things? How, then, would you choose to react to stones in the road? Would you treat them like no big deal…or a big damn deal?

I don’t want to live my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. I will not waste my energy slamming on the brakes for every pebble in my path. I want to wake up each day feeling excited for what’s ahead, wondering where magic or inspiration or kindness will show up. I find that when I expect great things and don’t worry about when or how they’ll happen, happy-go-lucky moments materialize in the most amazing, unpredictable ways. Day after day, I find little treasures in my path – dazzling memories, deep wisdom, great blessings, sweet joy. It’s always something