I’m easing back into real life after a vacation I didn’t plan on. We’ve had house guests for six days – Brad’s sister, her hubby and their two kids came up from Texas for the 4th of July. I tried to get as much work done as I could in advance, but I still had way too much left to do when they arrived. 
We headed to the airport to pick them up, with me fretting all the way about how in the world I’d get around to finishing everything on time – blogging, my latest e-course lesson, copywriting for clients. We’d jam-packed our schedule with family fun and little down time. Should I skip some of the activities, I wondered, just to get stuff done? As we pulled up to the curb, ready to entertain our relatives on their summer vacation, I had an epiphany: what if I just went on vacation, too? 
I was limiting myself. I’d convinced myself all that other stuff was more important than enjoying this rare time with family. I realized I could back away from the blog and take several days off {I sound like a blog addict, don’t I?}. I hoped my e-course participants would understand receiving a delayed lesson {fingers crossed!}. I emailed clients in between amusement park rides about moving deadlines. And – just like that – I was on vacation!

We’ve packed so much in – a day trip, an amusement park, the Mall of America, a massive playground, the donut shop, a carnival, a favorite ice cream shop, brats on the grill, another mall, fireworks, tons of eating out, lots of bathroom stops, and plenty of photo ops. And I actually felt present for it all – relaxed, care-free and able to just have fun with family because I rearranged my priorities. I allowed myself to go on vacation – and I didn’t have to pack a thing!