A few weeks ago, my friend Bridget gave me a bag full of empty boxes. Jewelry boxes, candy boxes, stationery boxes – all different shapes and sizes. She was going to throw them away, but then decided to give them to me in hopes I could turn her trash into treasure. 
That bag of boxes sat in my dudio for weeks – staring me down, challenging me to make something out of nothing. This week, I finally pulled them out and had so much fun! This box was a dark brown jewelry box. I covered it with scraps of pretty papers, using Mod Podge as my sealant. I tore some scraps of paper for an unfinished look, others I cut using crafting scissors. The corners were the trickiest; I used tissue-thin, handmade paper and used it like wrapping paper, folding the corners in around the box and then carefully coating the paper in Mod Podge {I didn’t want it to rip!}. 
I happen to like things that look a little rough around the edges, so I wasn’t concerned about the way my folded papers laid inside the lid of the box and I didn’t mind smudges from the green paint I applied to the bottom half of the box. I purposefully did just one coat so some of the brown bled through, giving the box an aged and imperfect look. When the paper was dry, I stamped the words so blessed along with some striped circles {which I smeared a bit to add a little more character}. 
I kinda love the way it turned out and it was totally fun to give it to Bridget yesterday! 
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