To: Liv – August 14, 1999
From: Liv – August 14, 2011
Dear Liv, 
It’s me. I mean, you…a dozen years in the future. By tonight, you’ll be happily married. It’s going to be the most awesome day and you’ll just swoon over all the love around you. I know you have some pre-wedding jitters. You’ll see Brad across the church courtyard in a few minutes…him in his tux, you in your gorgeous dress…and you’ll feel all out of sorts as you pose for pictures with people watching and the camera clicking. Deep down, you’re panicking a little and you don’t want to tell anyone. In fact, you won’t tell anyone until you post this letter on your blog {sorry, no time to explain what a blog is right now}. 
But here’s the really good news. You’ll go through the ceremony…and it will be beautiful. The preacher will pronounce you husband and wife. And then you and Brad will walk back up the aisle and out the sanctuary doors and you’ll have a full 30 seconds to be all alone. And that’s when you’ll suddenly feel so overjoyed! It will all feel real right then – not like you’re playing dress up, not like you’re in a movie and can’t remember your lines. You’ll look at him, all handsome and beaming, and you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief. No more nerves. Just glee. And the photographer will appear out of nowhere and snap this picture. And while it’s a little blurry, you’ll treasure it always because she captured that moment of pure joy and deep love. 
You two will have lots of pure joy moments in the years to come. Oh, the trips you’ll take! And the laughs you’ll have! And the deep talks you’ll cherish! And the amazing kids you’ll have! So much goodness awaits you. 
But I must tell you…there will be dark days, too. No need to worry about them now, while you’re all dressed up and having a ball, but I want you to know you’ll make it through and your sweet hubby will stick by your side and hold you up. He’ll love you even when there’s puke in your hair, even when you haven’t showered for days, even when you’re drowning in tears. That’s how much he loves you. 
Today is the beginning of a wild, wonderful ride with your best friend. A dozen years from now, you’ll spend your anniversary dinner talking about your kids, your work, your future, your dreams…and noticing how nice it is not to cut anyone else’s food. Then he’ll take you to a great movie and will even wait happily while you shop at a favorite store. The evening…and your whole life together…will all be perfectly perfect {even when it seems like it’s not}. Every moment is meant to be, so feel the love and enjoy the ride. And don’t forget to taste your cake – it’s so good!