I want to remember this as the summer you two became friends. 
It has been the sweetest thing to watch:
the way you excitedly go downstairs to play trains together on lazy mornings,
the way you collapse into fits of giggles over the smallest things,
the way you squeeze together on the couch to watch TV,
the way you talk with each other when you think I’m not listening,
the way you ask about each other when you’re apart,
the way you hug each other goodnight.
Yes, there are hours in each day when you annoy each other so much
I think my head might explode from all the whining and whimpering.
No surprise for siblings, especially with five years between you.
But you recover from those blips on the screen faster than I do
and are back to playing together 
or singing together 
or being silly together in no time.
Ryder, you are so protective of your little brother.
You explain to others what he’s saying, what he needs, what he likes. 
You think he’s adorable and funny.
He knows it and feels it and loves it.
Tru, you are so smitten with your big brother.
You emulate him all the time – the way he throws a ball
or plays a video game or colors pictures. 
You think he’s amazing and super-cool.
He knows it and feels it and loves it. 
I can’t even explain how happy it makes me
to know you not only love each other,
but like each other, too.
And I hope it lasts forever.