Have you ever felt a rock? I have loved rocks for as long as I can remember. Each one is a little miracle to me. I think of how it came to be over time – its shape, its size, its color – and I can literally feel its energy in the palm of my hand. When I was a kid, I felt giddy going into gift stores that had bins of polished rocks. If we were on a family vacation, my parents would let me pick out the perfect ones and take them home to join the rest of my collection. Better yet, sometimes I’d get to search for great rocks on beaches or on nature walks. Heaven!

Today, a huge bowl on our kitchen table holds much of my rock collection. Tru adores them. He’ll quietly pull them out, one by one, and gently put them on the table or fill a paper plate with them. Sometimes I’ll find my rocks mingling with his toys. Just yesterday, I found my favorite worry stone being transported by Thomas The Tank Engine!

On our family trip to northern Minnesota last week, we all wandered into a gift shop full of toys and trinkets. Tru made a beeline for one of those polished rock bins. When I saw him standing so still with his little hands hovering over the stones, my heart skipped a beat. He was so calm, so centered, so enamored with them. I realized then that he must feel the rocks, too. We stood there for so long, him with his hands over the stones and me with my hand on his back. It was magic. And hard to explain. But I love that we share this…and I have a feeling that rock collection is going to grow like crazy in the coming years!