Last week, my friend Janey told me about a time in her 20s when her car broke down. It couldn’t be fixed, so she needed a new ride – pronto! But she was nearly broke. She didn’t know how in the world she’d afford any new wheels, but she kept envisioning herself in a Toyota or Honda – two car brands she trusted to be reliable and long-lasting. 
She went for a run on a nearby jogging path. As she was running, she noticed a small card on the ground. Just a piece of litter, right? I bet dozens of other joggers ran right past it. But Janey stopped and picked it up. It was a business card for a car salesman at a local Ford dealership. Not Toyota or Honda…Ford. Still, she held on to it, went home and called the guy. 
Turns out he had a Toyota Tercel available – the very kind she’d been hoping for – and was able to sell it to her for the exact {small!} amount of money she had available. Wow! She’ll never forget that magic moment – serendipity at its finest. 
I love, love, love how the universe places messages and signs in our path, sometimes quite literally. But so many of them go unnoticed. We get too busy, too wrapped up in our worries to notice magic in our midst. 
Janey made a conscious – and split second – decision to follow her instinct; she stopped to look at that card and then acted on it. The minute she saw it was for a Ford salesman – not a Toyota or Honda dealership – she could have easily dismissed the card as meaningless trash. Instead, she trusted her gut and made the call. And she got exactly what she needed. 
So often, gifts are delivered to us in packaging we could have never imagined. And when we’re open to seeing what’s possible in every situation, with everyone we meet, we’re able to pull off some pretty awesome magic tricks. 
Here’s to finding your own magic today…