I know you’re busy. Like super-duper, over-your-head, buried-in-stuff busy. Me, too. 
But I’m asking you today to give one minute of your time to something so magical.
Sixty seconds. That’s it. Are you in? 
Okay, awesome. Sometime today, I’d love for you to spend one whole minute with a flower. Put your cell phone down, close the laptop, clear your mind, find a flower. Maybe it’s in a bouquet at work. Maybe it’s in your own garden. Maybe it’s a potted plant. Just choose a flower you think is pretty. 
And then sit with it. 
Study it. 
Soak up the colors. 
Notice how the petals are miraculously arranged. 
Marvel at the strength and function of the stem. 
Consider how you’d describe its scent. 
Imagine it as the seed it once was, growing into its beauty. 
Okay, time’s up!
Did you notice anything glorious, anything wondrous, anything miraculous? Whenever I spend a quick but conscious minute with a beautiful blossom, it pulls me into the present moment and helps me appreciate the magic in my midst. I hope it does the same for you. I’m growing giddy just thinking about all the flower power happening as each of you spend one minute with a little miracle today!