Nearly every night during dinner, we go around the table and each share the favorite part of our day. We usually start with Ryder. Last night, he said his favorite part of the day was building a new Thomas The Tank Engine train track. Awesome. Both Brad and I took turns sharing, too. And then, as usual, we asked Tru what his favorite part of the day was. 
In his 3 1/2 years on this spinning planet, Tru has never actually answered. It’s a really complicated question for a kiddo like Tru. In fact, he just mastered knowing what to say when someone asks, “how are you?” {he says  “I good!”}. But every night at dinner, we include him in the conversation.
Last night, after we’d each shared our favorite moments of the day, Brad turned to Truman and asked him the question. “Okay, Truman! What was the favorite part of your day?” Without missing a beat, Tru said: “Play Neen!” 
I wish I had a video of all three of our jaws dropping in unison. “Neen” is what Tru calls our beloved nanny, Jordan – and he had, indeed, played with her yesterday.
Holy crap! Had he just told us the favorite part of his day!? Ryder jumped up from his seat, so proud of his little brother. We all cheered for Tru and gave him high fives at the table. And he just beamed that big smile of his, tickled by all the attention. And that instantly became the favorite part of my day.