Tomorrow morning, I will do what I’ve done nearly every Saturday for almost five years: I’ll wake up early, get a medium vanilla skim latte at the coffee shop and then drive to myTalk 107.1 to co-host Get Real, a weekly radio show in Minneapolis/St. Paul {and online} devoted to deep conversations about spirituality, authenticity and everything in between. I’m so grateful to the station for giving it a chance and to General Mills for sponsoring us early on, giving us the wings we needed to fly.

But tomorrow, the show comes to an end – at least in this place, in this way. The station decided not to renew Get Real; their focus has changed over the years and we just aren’t a good fit anymore. I’m sad about it, of course. I will miss hanging out with my super-cool co-hosts and dear friends, Colleen & Joan, each week. I will miss the chance to dive deep into topics near and dear to my heart. I will miss interviewing visionaries and deep thinkers I admire and connecting with listeners over soul-deep, spirit-lifting stuff. 

AND I also trust it is all meant to be and that even better things are ahead. We feel like lots of women still want this kind of programming – are we right?? If you’ve been a fan in the past {or want to be in the future!}, I encourage you to sign up for our mailing list. Visit our new web page,, and submit your email address so you’re one of the first to know when we have new news. We’re exploring our options and are excited about creating something awesome moving forward!
Tune in tomorrow {Saturday} from 9-11am central to celebrate where we’ve been and hear our live interview with one of our all-time fave guests – Dr. Wayne Dyer. I just adore that guy!! It is so amazing he’s willing to wake up early in Hawaii to be part of this step in our journey. 
The last time we interviewed him, he shared a story about going into an interview at a radio station where the whole staff had been laid off hours before his arrival. He walked around to every cube and congratulated each person, suggesting that those pink slips were actually invitations to see what more was out there waiting for them. I keep coming back to that insight, viewing this change as a giant door swinging open into some kind of wonderful. Hope to see you all on the other side. 🙂