Is it weird that I’m so sad my baby moved to a big boy bed this week? My little munchkin, my tiny love bug…is getting big. And his mama isn’t quite ready to face it. I mean, I’m thrilled too; after all, there was a time – not so long ago – when we wondered how Truman would ever sleep outside a crib. From the time he could stand, the only way Tru could get to sleep was by jumping. We would read stories, sing songs, tuck him into his crib – and within seconds, he’d be holding on to the crib rail and bouncing away, happy as a lark. Sometimes it took a few minutes, many nights {and at nap time, too} he’d jump for over an hour.

By this time last year, we began to understand why. As we learned more about developmental delays and disorders, we realized all that jumping provided Tru with the stimulation and repetition his brain and body craved. Add to that his resistance to big transitions…and the thought of moving him to a big boy bed seemed daunting.

That is, until one of Tru’s therapists delivered a little miracle: a weighted blanket heavy enough to provide calming, deep pressure on his little muscles. In May, on the first night we tucked him in under his weighted blanket, he didn’t get up; he fell asleep within minutes. That blanket worked like a charm and has almost every “night night” since. Totally amazing.

This summer, we occasionally asked Tru – now nearly 3 1/2 – if he was ready to sleep in the big boy bed. It’s a car-shaped bed that first belonged to Ryder, who has now gleefully moved his stuffed animals into the guest room, claiming the double bed as his own. Tru hasn’t been interested in the big boy bed, promptly saying “no danks” whenever we mentioned it {so adorable, right?}. I thought that would be the case for a while. But last weekend, he surprised us by climbing into the bed with Brad to read stories before nap time…and then he managed to fall asleep there. I worried about him the whole time, even though I was footsteps away.

He did great! And last night was Tru’s fourth in a row in the big boy bed, snug as a bug under his weighted blanket. Clearly, Tru was ready to make the move and had to do it on his own timetable. I’m so proud of him. Still, when I walk by his room with the empty crib and lonely rocking chair, it feels like somebody’s pinching my heart a little. So, I’m taking every chance I get to squeeze him tight, to sit him in my lap, to pick him up whenever he asks…reminding myself that growth is soooo good and that he’ll always be my baby. ‘Cause he will…right?? Please tell me he will! ;o)