Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!When it comes to decorating, I love mixing old and new. So I was excited to see the prompt for Gussy Sews’ Inspiration Workshop this week: vintage! I love antique shopping and discovering trinkets and treasures from yesteryear. It’s so cool to know every item in the shop already has a story. I  fantasize about the original owners {who were they? where did they live? what were they like?} and I feel good giving old items a new life in my own home. 
I love blending those antiques into my decor and how great it feels when they work in a room. I think there’s probably a bit of vintage in nearly every room in our house, from a gilded cigar box {found a decade ago at an estate sale} to an old window frame I re-purposed with mirrored glass. Want to take a little tour? It’s like traveling through time! 
But first – a little confession. Before taking almost every shot you see below, I had to move something – toys, books, folded laundry. I’m sure moms from decades past would be appalled by my housekeeping skills {cue June Cleaver fainting}. Welcome to my life… 

p.s. just wanted to send out a giant thanks for the big love on yesterday’s post. your comments and emails of support and solidarity meant so much.