Yesterday, I decided to do some reverse yeah-butting. I know, it sounds kinda weird. But it’s actually a mood booster – an easy way to go from awfully grumpy to pretty good. I did it because I’ve noticed lots of yeah-butting lately. You know, when you say something kind or positive and then the person with you negates it with a “yeah, but” statement. 
Friend 1: “Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful fall!” 
Friend 2: “Yeah, but they say winter’s going to be terrible.”
I mean, that sucks the wind out of your sails, right? Instantly pulls you down. So, I thought I’d try it in reverse. Every time I caught myself complaining or moping yesterday, I wiped it out with a positive “yeah-but.” And sometimes I even took a picture… 
“Dang, looks like it’s getting cloudy.”
“Yeah, but those are some gorgeous clouds!”
“Oh, crap. I forgot to put Tru’s Lovey in his backpack.
What if he gets sad at preschool?!
What if this is the day he needs it??
I suck at mommyhood!”
“Yeah, but a teacher in the hallway just said Tru’s 
the happiest, smiley-est kid she’s ever seen.
Yeah, she’s right. He is such a happy little dude.
He’ll be fine. And I must be doing something right.”
“I got here early and now the person I’m meeting with is late. 
I coule have run an errand with all this free time!”
“Yeah, but now I get a few quiet minutes with a scone and some chai. 
What a treat – soak it up, baby!”
“Feels like I’ve been on my feet, going-going-going all day long.”
“Yeah, but I’m hoofing it in adorable shoes.
I’m happy whenever I look at ’em!”
“Ugh. Fall frost has already killed half of my plants.” 
“Yeah, but I’ve still got plenty of hearty, pink pretties 
going strong in the front yard.”
“Nooooo! Who shook the Diet Pepsi!? It just exploded everywhere!!”
“Yeah, but most of it wound up in the sink…
there’s nothing a Clorox wipe can’t clean…
and I’ve got another pop in the fridge.” 
{FYI: the second bottle exploded too. Seriously.}
“Okay…so now I’m out of pop. Two bottles wasted. This sucks.”
“Yeah, but I can have coffee instead…in my favorite new mug.”
“Yeah, but I really wanted a Diet Cherry Pepsi.”
“Yeah, but maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. 
Maybe a big bottle of fake sugar isn’t the best thing for me right now.”
“Yeah…but…well…okay, coffee it is!” 
The coffee was yummy. Tru did great.
It wound up being a beautiful day, clouds and all.
Life is good.
So, what are some reverse yeah-buts you can tell yourself today?