I never thought I’d say this – but I think I’d like to star in my own reality TV show. Not hobnobbing with plastic housewives or a bunch of aloof kids from Jersey, but a show filled with daily clips of my totally regular life.

I’ve been inspired by this video of Brad from yesterday; he’s such a good sport! He’s letting me show this to you…even after I added Bust a Move in the background {it makes it so much more entertaining, doesn’t it??}. I think he’s darling out there on the driving range, practicing his golf shots.

He took Ryder out for some practice time and asked him to record his swing via the iPhone. Brad’s always thinking about ways he could improve his game, even though he doesn’t play nearly as much as he did pre-parenthood. He’s taken lessons, studied other golfers’ swings, bought instructional DVDs. Each type of input has helped a little bit, but seeing himself on camera yesterday was particularly eye-opening. Suddenly, he could see what others see – and he immediately noticed things about his stance and swing that he could improve.

As I watched him study the video and excitedly explain things he wanted to work on, I longed to experience the same thing. How cool, I thought, to watch yourself for 30 seconds and immediately recognize opportunities for positive change!

That brings me to my reality show. What if there were hidden cameras capturing random moments throughout my day? If I could watch a 30-second replay at the end of each day, I bet I’d notice things about my attitude, my conversations and my choices that I could easily change to achieve better results. Maybe I’d realize I’m more impatient on the road than I thought. Maybe I’d cringe while watching a less-than-stellar parenting moment. Maybe I’d notice a pattern in my eating or sleeping that’s ripe for improvement.

It could be a life-changing reality show – for my eyes only. Of course, I might need a really good therapist to keep me from strangling myself after each 30-second episode. And I’m not sure how I’ll get this thing produced. So I may just have to pick a theme song and then settle for becoming more conscious of how I lead my life each day. I’m ready for my close-up! How ’bout you?