I’ve heard a lot of people say lately that there’s no such thing as work-life balance. But I think everything we do is work-life balance.

It’s a lot like stacking rocks.

Building this stack, I had to feel my way through it – quietly, patiently, lovingly. No thinking allowed. I knew the sheer force of my logic and doubt could topple that stack in a heartbeat. So I shoved those thoughts aside and let intuition be my guide. I carefully hovered one rock over the other, feeling the energy between them, quietly finding that sweet spot where they seemed destined to line up and co-exist, hoping the rocks beneath would provide unwavering support.

This is how we balance. We wake up every day with rocks in our pockets. They anchor us. We stack them without thinking – a little differently each day. We feel our way through, we defy gravity and logic, we find our sweet spots. With no equal parts on any given day, each stack we build is a crooked, fragile, sacred work of art. We don’t know how we balance it all. We just do, one pocketful of rocks at a time.