This song has been playing over and over in my head the past few days. I first heard it 20+ years ago when Bette Midler sang it on the soundtrack of Beaches. Apparently, the tune tucked itself inside my heart and is now becoming part of my own life soundtrack. 
Human kindness is overflowing…and I think it’s gonna rain today. 
That’s the line I keep hearing. That’s the line I keep living. Floored by how kindness is waiting at every turn – in a sweet text from a friend, in boxes of cupcakes and muffins and cookies on my doorstep, in a well-stocked fridge, in heartfelt notes from near-strangers. 
Last night, Brad told me one thing he’s realized during this journey is how well-loved we are. Not how much we’re loved, but how well we’re loved. So true. Human kindness is overflowing and we are grateful beyond measure.