It amazes me how much the heart can endure – the burdens it can carry, the horrors it can witness, the heartache it can handle, the love it can hold, the connections it can create, the growth it can do. I look around and see so many brave hearts in my midst.

One who’s missing her mom.
One who’s missing her child.
One who’s missing her best friend.
One who’s facing a health scare.
One who’s feeling deep guilt.
One who’s lost her job.
One who’s finding her purpose.
One who’s eagerly waiting for baby.
One who’s desperately wanting a baby.
One who’s saying good riddance.
One who’s saying please stay.
One who’s learning to dream.
One who’s living the dream.

Can you relate to one of those, some of those, all of those? So many hearts stretching and shifting, pushing and pulling, blooming and hoping, and carrying on in light of it all. We are all so flippin’ brave, peeps.

{The painting above is the latest piece I’ve done for Art Every Day Month. Hope you like it!}