I’ve been playing with paint for Art Every Day Month and wanted to honor the angels who are always waiting in the wings, available to intervene or inspire whenever I ask. To my surprise, it has been a challenge. 
I kept coming back to it, feeling it was unfinished. That something wasn’t right.  
I couldn’t decide on the words. 
I kept sensing the canvas needed another swoosh of the brush. 
I wasn’t sure about the colors. 
And then last night, I decided to just sit with it. Let it tell me what more it needed. Ask those winged wonders for a little artistic guidance. And do you know what I heard? 
“Turn it upside down.” 
That seemed ridiculous, but I was out of self-sourced solutions, so I tried it. I turned the painting over and just-like-that, a giant gust of fresh air hit the room. The energy, the feel, the look of the piece all shifted into YES. And the words that had been falling flat in my mind – angels everywhere – suddenly leaped into my heart, ready to become part of the painting. 
Amazing what happens when we turn a challenge on its head, when we ask for what we need.