I get SO inspired watching courageous friends make their dreams come true. Anyone can have a good idea, but it takes a special spark and a big dose of bravery to bring it to life. I want to tell you about a handful of these artsy-heartsy-wonder-women in hopes one of their projects resonates with you…and that their courage to shine bright is nothing but contagious! 
~  Yesterday, my soul-sister-pal Lori and her dear friend Lisa introduced an awesome 2012 calendar that includes wish cards and intention prompts throughout the year. How great is that!? The video they made – and the outtakes at the end – is pretty darn adorable. 

~ Meanwhile, Amanda Oaks at Kind Over Matter wins the prize for most brilliant DIY product: The How To Create Your Own Printables Kit. Let’s say you’re an artist or a poet looking for ways to share your work. Maybe you want to give your family homemade holiday gifts. Perhaps you want to randomly hand out cards with funny quotes on them. Who knows. Amanda has been doing this for years – the templates, the editing, the nitty-gritty of making it all look awesome and now she’s handing over all that info to you in this kit. Making your creations beautiful. See? Brilliant. 
~ Hey, Jessica Swift is officially a rainboot designer! And holy moly, are they cute! She raised enough money {and then some!} through a Kickstarter campaign to make one of her dreams come true. She needs all the help she can get to make sure this dream continues to fly…so, if you need rainboots you know where to find ’em! I’m waiting for my cheery blue ones to arrive! 
~ Louise Gale just launched the fabulous Your HeART Makes a Difference web site, with contributors and content devoted to exploring and celebrating gratitude, self-care, kindness, and more. I’m loving the deep dives into how to BE and not just DO.
~ I’m thrilled for artist and blogger Amanda Fall of Persistent Green. She made a big dream come true this week, with the publication of her online magazine – Sprout. It features some super-lovely contributors and I love the theme of the first issue: what would happen if we faced each day with a spirit of celebration?
~ I’m all signed up for the upcoming Hello Business, Hello Soul e-course developed by dear hearts Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls. They’re both amazing and have such a great vision for this course, designed to help creative entrepreneurs manifest success with a soulful approach to business. I’m so looking forward to drinking it all in {and contributing a bit, too – stay tuned!}. 
I could go on and on, but you get the idea – so many wonderful women doing wonderful things! And what’s so encouraging is knowing they’re not superheroes, they’re not women with six nannies and a chauffeur. They are hard-working, dream-following, action-taking women who are following their bliss. Here’s hoping they inspire YOU to keep doing wonderful things – big and small – in your corner of the world. 
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AND above you’ll see my latest piece for Art Every Day Month. A departure for me…and I’m not even convinced it’s done…but I’m calling it Go Forth. Happy weekend!