Did you catch yesterday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? His interview with Jason Segal knocked my socks off! I’m sure a good portion of the audience just thought it was a cute, funny interview – but for me, it was also awesome evidence of the power of intention.

Jason is the writer/producer/star of the new Muppet movie {can’t wait to see it!}. During a previous appearance on Jimmy’s show, the two of them had done a silly Muppet-themed sketch and announced that Jason would be starring in and writing the next Muppet movie. Turns out they were simply predicting the future…

During Jason’s interview last night, he revealed that the Muppet movie news they’d shared during his last appearance had been totally made up. For the fun of it, he had been working on a script; he thought this generation of kids deserved to know Kermit and his crew. Eventually, he started telling people he was producing the next Muppet movie. He even told Jimmy’s people they could announce it on the show. He was so emotionally invested in the project and so sure he’d be part of it one day, that he decided to live as if it were a dream already coming true. Backstage before that show, he pulled Jimmy aside and told him to go ahead with the announcement, but that it wasn’t exactly true – yet. I love that Jimmy went ahead with it!

I was just overjoyed watching that interview. What an awesome example of how to go about creating your best life. Jason set his intention for working on the Muppet movie by declaring it, envisioning it and believing it. And, as he pointed out last night, it all came to fruition. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that.

And then, speaking of living with intention, I was so thrilled when Jimmy’s last guest of the night was Deepak Chopra! When I interviewed Deepak a few months ago, I remember him saying how much he loves appearing on late night shows, playing along with the hosts and sharing his quirky sense of humor. Jimmy was gushing with praise for the spiritual guru – and even said his favorite Deepak book  is The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is his favorite Deepak book.

I already had a little celebrity crush on Mr. Fallon; now it’s officially a full-blown, lick-the-screen, giggle-like-a-schoolgirl obsession. What can I say? Cute, funny, enlightened guys float my boat. Think he’d want to go see the Muppet movie with me? 🙂

P.S. The painting above is my latest for Art Every Day Month – Day 22!