{photo credit: Jennifer Liv Olson}

I adore thoughtful gifts. I like giving my loved ones items they’ve asked for, but I also love wrapping up items that honor who they are and what they love. A sweet little journal for a writer friend. A meaningful ornament for my kids. This book for my funny, foul-mouthed brother {he freakin’ loved it!}. But what do you get for the blogger on your list?

There are millions of us in the blogosphere, so I’m willing to bet somebody on your shopping list has a blog. That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of thoughtful, inspired gifts and gestures sure to delight! Ready to be the most awesome aunt/uncle/cousin/sister/friend a blogger could ever have?

Give…a compliment. 
Even if the subject matter of your friend’s blog isn’t your cup of tea, kindly check in every now and then. Find something you like – a post, a design element, a shared opinion – that you can mention in conversation at an upcoming holiday get-together. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was so touched when a relative told me how much she liked my post that morning about the power of gratitude. It was such a sweet surprise because I didn’t realize she ever read my blog. A kind comment like that – in person or on the blog – can keep me motivated for days!

Give…a vote of confidence. 
When I first launched my blog in 2006, with plans to post a reflection on something beautiful every day for a year, a good friend asked why in the world I’d want to do that, followed up by: “I don’t think you’ll be able to stick with it.” Not exactly the support this new blogger was looking for! But I did stick with it {and – ahem! – that friend actually reads my blog regularly now}. If you see your favorite blogger over the holidays, show that you’re intrigued and enthusiastic with simple questions: How’s the blog going? What do you love most about it? Ever been to a blogging conference? I promise you: it means a lot when a loved one cares enough to ask about this portion of our lives.

Give…a sweet subscription.
Sign your blogging buddy up to receive a magazine or gain access to a great online resource. Artful Blogging is a beautiful print magazine full of essays by artists who blog. Wired is full of technology news, with tech tips and tricks relevant to bloggers. Sprout, a new online magazine, features inspirational writing and art by creative, life-affirming contributors/bloggers {an email with an access code can be sent to your gift recipient}. And the A-List Blogging Bootcamp is run by superstar bloggers Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch. I subscribe year-round to have access to the active community of bloggers, expert tutorials and great content.

Give…a blog makeover. 
If your favorite blogger would love to spruce up her site, get a gift certificate to a service offering graphic design elements for online usage. The Vintage Workshop from adorable Amy Barickman offers tons of antique/retro downloadable images {call 912-341-5559 for gift certificates}. Or send some money to your favorite blogger via PayPal to be spent on the blog bling of her choice from a site like PuglyPixel {just $5 for 30 days of access!}. For smaller design upgrades, I also recommend searching Etsy for graphic designers who offer affordable blog design elements, from a sparkly new banner to full templates. Note: ask the blogger on your list before you buy to ensure you’re paying for design elements she’ll actually use!

Give…an awesome e-course. 
Ummm. I’m a little partial here, since my own ecourse – How To Build a Blog You Truly Love – kicks off January 9th with 20 all-star blogger contributors. You can order a gift certificate here – print it yourself or have it mailed to you!

Give…your sweet support. 
When you “like” a blogger’s Facebook page or subscribe to his newsletter or follow her on Twitter or sign up for the RSS feed {so you get each blog post via email}, it’s a lovely little way to say “I support you and what you’re doing.” Each gestures takes mere seconds, but is really meaningful coming from someone a blogger knows and loves. And it’s free!

Give…a great gadget!
When I asked last night on my Facebook page for gift ideas from fellow bloggers, Danielle from the Trash 2 Treasure blog was full of great ones! So glad she suggested the SpiderPodium to keep your digital or cell camera steady when taking photos for your blog. Have it + love it. Also a web cam for shooting video and a lap pad for comfort {I use this one…minus the sports logo!}. So smart!

Give…your two cents. 
What am I missing here? I’d love to hear YOUR ideas {and I’m sure other readers would, too}. So, share below in the comments. And give a big holiday hug to your beloved blogger from me. 🙂