I’m usually so focused on what’s in front of me that I forget to look back to see where I’ve been. But the other day, I stumbled upon this photo of my dudio {our dining-room-studio} from a year and a half ago. Holy moly, has it changed!!

I had needed a space to create back then {I didn’t even have an Etsy shop yet} and I remember thinking we could just move those boxes off the dining table whenever guests came to eat. Ha!

It didn’t take long before that room went from having a dual purpose to becoming solely an art studio. I opened my shop in late August 2010 and the dudio started filling up with envelopes, bubble wrap, canvases, prints, books, receipts – all the things you don’t think about before launching your art empire. ;o) 

Here’s the space now – bursting at the seams! Most of our china and wine glasses were moved to the basement long ago; the cabinet is now filled with materials and inventory. I honestly could fill another one! 
I love this corner of the room. My kiddos and Daisy love curling up in that chair {we bought it years ago and had custom cushions made}. That fabulous cubby/shelf was in the guest room of our old house and had been sitting in our current basement for six years before inspiration struck: it’s the perfect spot for small paints and stamp pads! 
The wooden hanger with pegs for my necklaces was bought at The Container Store; it was stark white. I painted it in layers of blue, then green, then antique white and wore down the edges with sandpaper so it looks just as old and weathered as the piece above it. Also hanging from it is the sweetest apron made for me by my mom and boys while I was here; I can’t bear to wear it for fear I’ll get paint on it!
The corner also has a frame for rotating art made by my kids, a framed print-out of this and a guardian angel made by lovely Lori.  
This space is perfect for me right now. I love that it’s on our main floor so I can create or package stuff up while the kids play within earshot. That also means I frequently find trains, cars and other toys among my supplies! 
Things have been hoppin’ in the dudio lately and I’m excited about a bunch of new items, ready just in time for the holidays. I have a new set of square greeting cards that I seriously looooove – the heavy linen paper is so great and the artwork carries over inside the cards. {Pssst! If you live in Minneapolis, you can also find them at i like you and, starting next week, at the Cottage House!!}. The shop also has lots of new originals and prints, plus gift certificates for my ecourse {such a fun gift for any blogger on your shopping list!}. Psst! Did you know that when you sign up for my e-newsletter, you automatically get 15% off your next order? Yep!
When I really think about it, that’s a lot of positive change and productivity in a short amount of time – from the dudio’s evolution to the growth of my shop. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have an art space I adore, the opportunity to create night and day, and so many beautiful people out there supporting my work {thank you!!}.