Need a pick-me-up today? Just click here for a video from my cutie-pie Truman, who has been singing Jingle Bells at the top of his lungs, everywhere we go. He doesn’t care that he can’t pronounce many of the words. He doesn’t care if the tune’s a little off sometimes. He sings it with gusto and joy – and my heart does cartwheels every time.  

And when he sings his heart out, his happiness spreads like wildfire. At the grocery store, people peek out  from the aisles, grinning ear-to-ear. One day last week, when Brad took Tru out for lunch, one of the staffers came out to see them at their table. She said the staff had been having a hard day until our little soloist waltzed in and lightened the mood for everyone.

Tru has made such incredible progress over the past year, but especially during these past several months. He’s now in a preschool setting three days a week with special ed liaisons he adores and therapists who work with him on his developmental delays and special needs. We work with him at home, too, mirroring the things he’s learning and experiencing at school. Lately, Brad and I keep looking at each other in amazement over the ways our sweet boy is blossoming – from actually choosing between two items to recognizing emotions like “sad” or “happy” to interacting with his big brother. I get goosebumps on a daily basis.

Oh, how I pray it just keeps on going this way – him blooming and growing and feeling so happy and confident that he just can’t hold his song inside.