I have a bathroom habit that might make some of you cringe. Maybe even snicker. But I caught myself doing it the other day and decided some of you might actually appreciate it. Are you ready?

Whenever I’m washing my hands or when I’m done getting ready for the day, I smile at myself. I look right into the mirror, into my own eyes, and grin. Anybody rolling their eyes yet?

It’s a habit. Something I’ve been doing for probably 15 years, after hearing someone say that smiling at yourself in the mirror is an awesome little pick-me-up and puts you in a happy frame of mind. Plus, if you can’t smile at yourself, how can you expect others to be happy to see you?

So cheesy, right!? And yet I still keep doing it – because I actually think it works. I can feel it working sometimes.

And science backs me up. There’s quite a bit of research on the positive impact of smiling – including forcing yourself to smile – that’s part of the “facial feedback hypothesis.” Huh? Scientists would tell you that when I smile at myself in the mirror, my face sends my brain a signal that I’m happy – and my mood shifts, making it easier to face the challenges of the day.

It’s not like a lightning strike of elation, but when I smile at myself in the mirror I often feel a little calmer, a little more confident, a little more content. My one rule is there’s no critiquing allowed: I can’t smile at myself and judge my outfit or curse that pimple on my chin. It’s just me and my smile for a couple of seconds. Super easy, super cheesy and totally worth a try.

{Got any quick tips or tricks for boosting your mood? I’d love to hear ’em!}

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