teeny tiny frog for the bliss list

Okay, I’m totally excited for this brand new feature here: The Little Bliss List! My word of the year is bliss, which is defined as perfect happiness and serene joy. To remind myself throughout the year of all the little ways I’m feeling-seeing-knowing-following bliss this year, I’m launching The Little Bliss List. 


I’ll show you mine – will you show me yours? {chuckle-chuckle-snort} Every Friday here at Choosing Beauty, I’ll share a list of the bliss in my midst, reflecting on moments over the past week where I’ve caught myself in a sense of wonder, contentment, and true joy. It’s like a gratitude list, but rather than just being thankful for the things I have…I want to be thankful for the way I feel – even if it’s fleeting – and celebrate whatever brought me to that bliss. So, here’s this week’s list…


1. Whenever Tru and I are alone in the car, we STILL listen to our Christmas music CD. Love the way that little guy sings “Angels We Have Heard On High” at the top of his lungs!

2. The way students in my How To Build a Blog You Truly Love ecourse are connecting with each other, creating great content and cultivating joy is so amazing to watch. And the buzz around the course is so wonderful – so I’m extending registration through Sunday at 8pm central.

3. When Ryder got in the car after his second week of choir practice, he exclaimed, “THAT WAS SOOOO FUN!” Made my heart sing!

4. My friend Lori sent me some love notes via text when I was feeling a little low yesterday. Filled me up just when I needed it.

<—- 5. My tea spoke to me the other day: I didn’t even realize I needed this reminder till I read it and went, “ohhhh. right.”

6. That itty bitty frog in the photo above just makes me grin from ear to ear. We found him last summer by a water fountain;  he was no bigger than half my thumb, but he had such a big personality! So darling.


So, what’s on your list, friends? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to share your own list in the comment section. And let’s meet here every weekend to celebrate all the sweet stuff we find, okay?  Starting next Friday, this will also become a Blog Hop for any bloggers who want to post their Little Bliss Lists on their own sites and share the link here. Can’t wait to celebrate your Little Bliss List, too!