Ikea magnet boards

I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, fueled by my ability to thrive under pressure. Really and truly, I think my best work happens when I’m up against a deadline. Unfortunately, this often backfires when it comes to my home life. Case in point: I bought those white magnet boards from Ikea before Thanksgiving, thinking I’d hang them in Tru’s new big boy room right away.

But I didn’t. They sat in his room, propped against a shelf, for weeks and weeks. Yes, it was a busy time personally and professionally, but I know myself well enough to recognize that had the holidays not been a distraction, something else would have been. Without a pressing deadline, I had no motivation to finish Tru’s room. Finally, after Brad asked if I was planning to return the magnet boards {he figured I’d decided against them}, I bit the bullet and hung the boards last weekend. I loved the way they added such warmth to the room; it fired me up to keeping going – hanging art, organizing his shelves, getting rid of junk. And I love the final result…

giraffe painting

{finally put up an allison strine original i adore}

{even daisy approves!}

daddy and his boys

{sweet pic of all THREE boys!}

{love how this framed marissa haedike painting looks hanging on a bulletin board!}

{a cozy spot for favorite animals}

{hung another print above the tall bookshelf}

ceramic gnome

{treasured trinkets for tru - a gnome + another giraffe}

little boy staring out window

{my sweet boy watching the world go by}

Now that it’s done and my little Tru has a finished room to call his own, I’m so relieved – and a bit baffled by why it took me so long to tackle. Once I get into a project like this, I love it – it’s just the getting into it that feels so daunting. I’ve tried to impose fake deadlines {no dice}, I’ve tried to guilt myself {not kind}, and I’ve even written reminders on the calendar {too easy to ignore}.  Maybe instead I should focus on the rewards: the sense of relief and pride that comes with each completed project, the joy it brings my family, and the way it makes me feel like the world’s best mom instead of the world’s best procrastinator.