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Last night, I met with my intention circle {love those girls!} for our first meeting of the new year. Before diving into discussions about the current projects on our plates and dreams in our hearts, we took a few minutes to rewind through 2011, celebrating and honoring all the stuff we’d been through, achieved and learned.

Do you have anyone you can do this with? It’s so meaningful to have your own journey reflected back to you by people who care about your well-being. These ladies are like dream catchers for me; I’m repeatedly amazed by how much I forget about my own steps to success {and all the struggles that could have clipped my wings – but didn’t}. It’s like when someone else notices how much my kids have grown over a few months’ time; the changes in my kiddos are not as obvious because I’m with them day in and day out.

Same thing with dreams. Sometimes you  just need someone else to catch them mid-air and point out how far you’ve come. Who can be your dream catchers? Think of friends who give you honest feedback, support you unconditionally, and can relate to your work and home life. Can’t think of anyone? Need more? Here are four ways to find them…

1) Set Your Intention: Ask the universe to deliver one or more dream catcher friends to you by crafting an affirmation like “I’m attracting new friends into my life who lift me up, challenge me to grow, believe in my dreams and want me to do the same for them.” Repeat it often, visualizing how beautiful it will feel to have such a strong support system.

2) Open Your Eyes, Open Your Heart: We naturally gravitate towards other people who seem very similar to ourselves – similar background, culture, age, life experiences  – but we do ourselves a disservice by not looking beyond our comfort zone. Be open to expanding your horizons and, in turn, your sacred circle of friends.

3) Go Where Dream Catchers Dwell: My intention circle was originally born out of a weekend class on the power of intention a few years back, in a room full of people who were open to discovering the power of thought. It wouldn’t have happened had I not signed up and showed up. Look for your tribe in places/classes/gatherings that would likely attract the kinds of people you think you want to find. Reach out to kindred spirits online {I’m already seeing amazing chemistry and connections between some of the students in BBTL – so fun to watch!}.

4) Stay Positive: Don’t get frustrated if your dream catcher friends don’t show up in your life the minute you set your intention. This could take some time. Be a good friend to yourself in the meantime and trust that your peeps are working their way to you.


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