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My big guy turns nine this week {nine!?!} – and, ummm, well, I have yet to plan a birthday party for him. Not one of my glory moments as a mommy. In situations like this, when it’s clear my mothering skills are a bit rough around the edges, I’m known to sarcastically announce to friends and family that I’ve won another Mother of the Year Award. Oh, I’ve earned it many times – like when I forgot to send the Tooth Fairy directions to our house {ahem!}. I’ve had many friends announce their own award-worthy mommy mishaps, oftentimes on Facebook {because it’s a pretty big honor, so you want to tell the whole world, right?}. That always makes me feel better, reminding me I’m not the only one stumbling through mommyhood. We’re all doing the best we can; no reason to beat ourselves up – right, girls? So, I figured I’d formalize the award and make it available for any frazzled mama at any time.


Introducing…The Mother of the Year Award

This is a free download and fits on an 8×10 sheet of paper. Frame it, hang it on your fridge, stick it in your diaper bag or share it with friends facing their own mommy meltdowns. To download the PDF, click on this Mother of the Year Award link or click on the image below. Hope it puts things in perspective for you and reminds you we’re all in this together…

Mother of the Year Free Download