I believe our thoughts create our reality. When I wake up in the morning choosing to be conscious of the good stuff that comes my way, it shifts my mood, my perceptions, the outcome of certain situations, and even the way others react to me. When I wake up expecting a day full of yucky chores and sucky people, that’s what I get – because that’s really all I’ve set myself up to see. When we give voice to those thoughts, it’s like adding fuel to the fire. We sabotage ourselves with little words that pack a punch. So, here are four sentences I’d love to ban from our lexicon…


“Just my luck.”

Also known as “par for the course” or “of course this would happen to me.” It’s a statement to the universe and to ourselves that bad things happen to us over and over, without fail. Like it’s our destiny. What an awful message! Subtle but powerful. I love the idea of flipping this saying on its head and uttering “just my luck!” whenever something good happens. It sets you up to expect the best.


“I’m just a _________.”

Stay-at-home-mom. Receptionist. Blogger. Artist. Cashier. Whatever it is you do day in and day out, it’s valuable. There is no job that’s more important than another. Some may pay more and come with fancy perks, but that doesn’t mean they’re any more important than raising a human being or showing kindness to customers from behind a cash register.  Saying “I’m just a…” belittles your situation and capabilities, sending a message to yourself and others that you’re less-than. Stop it, okay?


“I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”

Technically, this is true. Our creativity isn’t lodged in our bones,  but dances between our heart and mind, combining what we’ve already learned with our intuition to solve problems and create good things. Being creative isn’t synonymous with being artistic; you don’t have to be a writer, painter or performer to be considered creative.

Think of all the little ways you solve problems with your kids or colleagues each day. Yesterday, when Tru was obsessing about building a tunnel for his cars, I grabbed a 12-pack soda box and opened each end. He LOVES it! My proudest parenting and creativity moment of the day. 🙂


“I’m not a math/numbers person.”

Ohhhh, this is the hardest one for me to kick to the curb. I grew up with serious math anxiety and have carried it with me all these years. Even as I managed gigantic budgets in my old corporate life, I would remind my finance team to bear with me because “I suck at math.” Nice way to set myself up for success, command respect and honor my own strengths, eh?

This statement is really just a story I keep telling myself. I may not adore math, but I’m fully capable of doing the math I need to do to get along in life. I help Ryder with his math homework. I know what I can afford. I’m fascinated by polls, graphs and percentages. So, if you ever catch me saying “I’m not a numbers person,” please send me this post!


Are any of these phrases ringing a bell for you? Got any others you realize you need to leave in the dust? I’d love to know. By the way, if you need a reason to start looking for the good in your days, come back tomorrow for The Little Bliss List. Link up your blog or add your own gratitude list in the comments. See you then!